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BioFuels & BioDiesel 

alternative fuels and "green" power - alternative energy

With the rising costs of fuel around the world, the economics of running alternative fuels is an increasingly attractive topic to explore and implement. In the Pacific Islands and elsewhere, significant pilot projects have tested running various Lister machines and specifically the HR models on alternative fuel oils such as copra. There are quite a few positive and practical reasons for becoming energy self-sufficient and the Lister HR is well suited to operating effectively on such renewable fuels. Thus far, the reports are very good. Development continues...

We will be investigating further and reporting here.

Diesel Electric Services has a commitment to providing energy efficient and $ cost efficient solutions for its clientele. We have recently purchased a large number of the Lister HR2 and HR3 machines to do its own pilot project experiments with this venerable old engine type and will be remanufacturing a number of these for resale. These engines can easily be adapted for various gaseous and liquid fuel types. These same engines have a very significant installed base around the world on fishing boats and remote power installations.

We would be happy to hear about your alternative fuel projects and provide assistance and aid where possible.


Lister HR2 remanufactured engines

$4750 complete outright $3750 exchange - (this is truly a 'bulletproof' engine model)

(we can supply your maintenance and overhaul parts as well)

Listeroids (Indian clone of Lister CS type) click here

Power take-off clutches and pulleys - pictures here

Twin-Disc 7" $300  on request

Twin-disc 8" $300  on request   --  contact; gsj@gci.net


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