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Lister/Petter Spare Parts

North American Distribution

April 12, 2004 -- Diesel Electric Services opens a brand new line of replacement service parts for the Lister/Petter line of diesel generator engines. After a worldwide assessment of the direction and economics of small generating plants, Diesel Electric Services, headquartered in Fairbanks, Alaska has undertaken the development and production of a full line of overhaul components for these small diesels. The initial distribution area is envisioned as primarily North America but parts will be made available world-wide via the Internet. http://www.diesel-electric.us    Gary Jones, president and CEO of Diesel Electric Services, envisions this parts distribution service to extend the service life for these small diesel engines well into the foreseeable future. Parts are also being made for the old and obsolete models of this same product line so don't throw away your old equipment, it can be economically rebuilt and given a new service life.

For More Information Contact:

Diesel Electric Services
748 Winch Rd. Fairbanks, AK 99712
Tel: 303-720-3936

Diesel Electric
Box 342
Chase, Kansas 67524


Internet: gsj@gci.net


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